Catch Him, Keep Him, And Enjoy Him – With Christian Carter

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Christian has written an incredibly powerful program – How To Catch Him And Keep Him – that hundreds of thousands of women like yourself have invested in and used with great success. His program shows you:

- What goes on inside a man’s mind… and how attraction works for him
- The ten dangerous mistakes to avoid that most women make with men
- The differences in how men and women think about dating… and why
- The seven secrets to communicating with a man that will help create lasting love and affection

Catch Him & Keep Him

I give Christian’s program the highest recommendation I possibly can – it really is a phenomenal program for women. Learn more about it here.

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  1. Sharon Borg says:

    This was the best one so far! I never tire of listening to Christian. He is so eloquent and gentle with his message to women about how to understand a man. I learn so much! I wish I could clone him:)

  2. Michele says:

    Adam, please don’t tell us the story about your girlfriend one more time!!! You’ve told the story 3 times now—it’s getting old.

    He was great!!!

    P.S. Professors from Stanford don’t use “goes”—the correct English is “says” or “said”.

  3. Kate says:

    I know a man is interested in me, but he is scared to death because i make him feel so good! He has been hurt in the past and has total fear. I’ve given him Space to move thru this mist he is seeing onto my heart at the other side!
    Mind you, we’ve not yet met in person. He feels so good looking at my photos, loves everything I have written to him. BUT HE IS SCARED! So I wait for a while.

    Men are such fearful little boys……for no reason..they don’t see the sun will shine again.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Christian, very forthright advice about clarity vs. pushy-ness. I wished the session could have been longer.

    Adam, I appreciate your occasional interjections about what traits women need to avoid in men. This time being if a man does not accept your “clarity” then he’s not the right one to be with. This is just an example of why it’s important that a woman have self-esteem no matter who throws what her way.

  5. shamila says:

    Dear Adam,
    We really appreciate that you have organized this amazing programs, but please when somebody like Christian with FANTASTIC experiences and knowledge wants to give more insight, please, please do not keep interrupting by your own examples and words as sometimes becomes so irritating. I hope you would listen to the replay of this and would realize how annoying it was while we wanted to hear the very important points from Christian and you kept interrupting.

  6. Liz says:

    I enjoyed this session very much! It somehow confirmed where I am and how I feel about myself. Thank you!

    Adam, just my two cents: you sound like you have got a keeper, I mean, your gf sounds incredible. ;)

    Chris is hot.

    Have a great Sunday!

  7. Julie says:

    Such a great presentation! BTW Christian…. You’re such a babe and a very eloquent speaker.

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