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Thank you so much for participating in this year’s Ignite The Spark: The State of Dating Telesummit.

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Christian has written an incredibly powerful program – How To Catch Him And Keep Him – that hundreds of thousands of women like yourself have invested in and used with great success. His program shows you:

- What goes on inside a man’s mind… and how attraction works for him
- The ten dangerous mistakes to avoid that most women make with men
- The differences in how men and women think about dating… and why
- The seven secrets to communicating with a man that will help create lasting love and affection

Catch Him & Keep Him

I give Christian’s program the highest recommendation I possibly can – it really is a phenomenal program for women. Learn more about it here.

Legendary Love: How to Create Bodice Ripping Romance that Lasts Forever – With Lauren Frances


Tonight you’re in for a TREAT. My interview with Lauren Frances was so full of NEW an INSPIRED information that its gonna knock your stockings off!

I call Lauren “The Marriage Machine” – and what a magnificent, ebullient and brilliant (and luscious) “machine” she is. Lauren is the ‘go-to’ love coach to Hollywoods A list celebrities, as well as to women around the world – and for good reason. She DEEPLY understands what make a man BEG to marry you. I personally love Lauren and her work and in fact, am preparing a special course to teach with her. She is one of a kind – and essential. Her international best seller, Dating, Mating, and Manhandling is the new dating bible, and her interview about how to create “magnetic Attraction” and “bodice-ripping romance” will help you not only ignite the spark of romance, it’ll make you so magnetic that men will be irresistibly drawn to you, like moths to a flame!

This presentation has ended.

Lauren has another wonderful program that will literally give you step-by-step instructions for creating your own personal “Romantic Roadmap”. I highly, highly recommend all of Laurens programs – so check out her Romantic Reboot here.

This presentation has ended.

Andrea has put together a free “Belly Blast Starter Kit” for you that will show you how to overcome “bad genes”, stop counting calories, and help you take control of your life. Grab your free copy here.

Remember, the Ignite The Spark: The State of Dating Premium Lifetime Access Package price goes up by more than 50% on July 11th at midnight — so make sure to claim your copy at the discounted price today. Get yours here.

What did you think of the event? Who was your favorite speaker? Anyone that you would like to hear speak at next years event? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Susan Kousidis says:

    A light went on for me during your presentation that was totally unexpected. To hear two men, who obviously care deeply about relationships, struggle and stammer with words and work so hard to clarify points for women, made me truly realize just how difficult “relationships” are for men. I deeply appreciate your work and it has TOTALLY changed my life and my relationships with men. Thank you!

  2. Loved this presentation. I have Belly Fat and yes, have found bread and sweets make me blow up even more, but I am almost addicted to those foods too. A guide if foods and how to put them together into mimi meals is where I need to start.
    Thanks again

  3. Pam says:

    Overall I was a little disappointed with this “Ignite the Spark” telesummit.

    Many of the calls were geared towards women already in relationships, who want to take them to the next level. I’m not at that level yet; I am trying to get dates. I was hoping for more tips on where to go to meet good men, how to flirt, grab their attention, etc. I’m truly not trying to be negative but I would imagine most of the women who listened to this would have appreciated learning more about that. Some of the calls were supposed to address these things and never did, from the teaser emails I received every day.

    Just my two cents in case this is ever organized again.

  4. Jeanette Martinez says:

    I loved this series! After having a 17 year hiatus of being alone, it was time to begin dating again. I knew I was looking for my soul mate, I had Relearn how to date. Reading & studying and applying the methods & techniques from love coaches gave me clarity, confidence & excitement to pursue my goal. I am dating an amazing & loving man who I believe is my soul mate. After listening to your series it has given me the affirmation that we are on the right track in our relationship. Thank you so much for your commitment to discuss matters of the heart!

  5. May says:

    Thank you for all your hard working in helping us learn to love and grow as mature adults. I did not resonate with all the speakers or get as much from all the speakers.. but since I was already familiar with a few of the speakers whose work I find already useful: my favorites, besides Adam Gilad were Jonathan Aslay, Christian Carter, and Michael Fiore.

    Maybe I am a little biased; I find that understanding men is easier for me and makes a lot more sense when I learn from men rather than from women. This is what my experience is anyways; while I have learned from some great women speakers, authors, and therapists great things (which were not on this telesummit, such as Karah Oh, Carin Goldstein, Michelle Weiner-Davis, Mimi Tammer), I get better results when I apply experts’ advise from the men themselves…after all who could be more of an expert on a man than a man himself?

    May I suggest that in the future if you do a tele-summit or online free tele-class even that you try to get someone like Dr. Bob Grant? He’s a therapist… so he brings in a lot of stuff from not only his formal education and own personal experience, but the experiences of his clients. I find that sometimes people put more weight on teachings of therapists (maybe it’s a perceived value thing) than relationship/life coaches which are still pretty new, as professionals, to a lot of people.

    Just my two cents.

    p.s. I did like Susan and Otto.. try to get more expert-couples please.. That was so beautiful and wholesome! I’d never heard of them before and it was great to see how they teach!

    Thanks again!

  6. hannah says:

    Men also have unspoken commitments — they expect the woman to want one and be there!

  7. CAS says:

    Have to agree with Pam… wish the interviews had actually followed up on the teasers, and yes, done more to address the attraction and flirting phase. This is so hard when women are older. Also agree that the sound technology sucked. Get a better setup next time… this was painful.

  8. Vanessa says:

    Lauren mentioned a bonus call, how are we getting that info to attend the call? Thanks.

  9. Vanessa says:

    All speakers were great, but my favorites were Christian & Jonathon, I guess because they are more into teaching and helping us women how to understand, attract and keep a high quality man. I personally own programs from both and others speakers here as well. I believe that knowledge is power and I have learn tons of things and have corrected what I was doing wrong and finally getting the hang of the male mind and now I can communicate better with them.

    I’m a bit dissapointed cause of some of the speakers didn’t talked about some topics were advertised in the emails, but overall the telesummit was amazingly enriching and I want to thank you Adam for your intention, time and hard work by putting this together for us. I really appreciate what you do to help us women. BTW loved your book. Wish you success in everything you do. Thank you.

  10. christine says:

    The sound and recording was really bad, clarity was bad as far as sound goes. Please – improve this if a telesummit is planned for the future. Needs a LOT of work!

    I agree, for a woman looking to become friends with a man to eventually date there was very little. The comments made by the guys were really good, thanks for that part, also re the bad boy and red flags. A couple of those were new to me. I’m one of those who have been attracting those ‘red flaggers’ and want to stop that.

    As an older lady, I was very disappointed in this telesummit as most of the interviews were for someone in a relationship/dating and for younger women.
    I’m a lady who does not believe in having an intimate physical relationship outside of marriage at all.

    As far as dating sites go – the dating sites you mention – so wrong – a lot of the guys on the sites in Australia – to put it bluntly – voice themselves as not gentlemen and lots of ‘red flaggers’ out there. Have met plenty of them and had to block them. Lots of womanisers lady – so be careful how you vet them and try reading between the lines. There are heaps of scammers out there and people using other peoples photos and guys saying they are in Afghanistan etc posing as soldiers who are scammers. Few authentic men on the sites – thats for sure and a lot of manipulators.

    Just my opinion and my two cents worth.

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