How To Start It All With Pleasure And End In Ecstasy – With Jena La Flamme

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  1. I loved this unique interview! I related so much to the push/pull of simultaneously enjoying and resenting the attention of men and realizing for the first time that the confusion comes from sexual harassment in my youth. As a teen I had teachers and bosses come on to me and I think that made me feel ashamed of my sexiness. Listening to her has helped me see that “sexy can be safe”.

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Jena,

    Thank you so much for your words and energy, I am really appreciating it. I think your message is utterly important for women and our society now. Thank you so much for having the courage to deliver it in such a graceful way.

    Many blessings to you


  3. Thank-you Jena for this presentation. A wonderfulf approach to Food and our Bodies and the Wisdom of it. Pleasure figuring into the equation and how when pleasure stops—it is over eating! Was an aaahh moment for me—-I most often am NOT enjoying —energy going down—when overeating—but I am somehow being driven to eat anyhow!
    I am excited to eat with the pleasure of food in mind—-and see my body respond. That was also beautifully worded. Also dealing with the attention of being sexy and thin—I used to be thin as a rail—then hormones—children—mid life changes came and my body became of denied the pleasures. On occassions I had a handle on the weight more—then the snide remarks, of being able to keep it off, and other things woman say—and also the innocent attention from men—made my mind say negative things. Thanks for helping me rein the mind in and let the beauty of the body talk!

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