How To Crack Her Up WIth High-Status Humor! Jordan “Shades of” Gray

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Numerous studies have shown that sense of humor is the top trait women are looking for in a man. In fact, a guy who can consistently make a hot girl laugh, doesn’t need to be tall, rich, or good-looking. It’s the best advantage a guy can have for attracting the most beautiful women.

But most guys have no idea HOW to be funny. And the ones that do, are funny in the wrong way – their jokes make them come across as the “funny friend” who has no chance with the girl they want.

Fortunately, Jordan has created a free presentation that gives you a simple system for creating humor in any situation. And shows you the difference between “attractive humor” that women can’t resist, and Clown humor… that will put you in the friend zone every time. Watch his presentation here.

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  1. frank b says:

    Wow that was great adam! I didnt relize that humor could be broken up in formulas, now i know what to look out for. I myself get caught up alot on low status humor funny for about a minute or so then flats out. You beg, am gonna run with that all the way to the bank, what a concept! Great work and big up to jordan and the crew i will follow thier work and structure my humor into high status intention……..p.s. missed out on brad p presention can you send again presentation? Thanks in advance, long live the PLAYERS! ;-)

  2. Cat says:

    As a woman (yes, I’m a woman listening to the men’s presentations), I have to say that I ABHOR “U.B.A.G”-style humor. If someone being humorous isn’t participating in their own humor — i.e. smiling or laughing at the joke itself — in the back of my mind I assume they’re laughing internally: at me. So deadpan, “U.B.A.G.” humor makes me wonder, semi-subconsciously, if a guy either A) actually believes the absurd thing he’s saying, or B) is checking to see how gullible I am — in other words, is he an idiot or a jerk? In either case, although I may (MAY) laugh politely, it’s a nervous laugh, and I start looking for an exit. So on the one hand, these models are not 100% — and on the other, guys: If you get a bad response to a model, it may be us and not you. You may have used the model right, but on the wrong woman. You can probably salvage the situation by noticing (aloud) that “that doesn’t seem to be your sort of humor” and switching to some other model.

  3. frank senner says:

    i have not heard about this before.very informative!thank you!

  4. Michael says:

    Cat, I believe you are absolutely correct. Not all women are attracted to the same things and it may not be the material. Both men and women need to know that the person the may be chasing has the possibility of not being available for a number of reasons.(most notably emotional) We all need to have the self worth to not give so much power to those we hardly know and likely have just met.

  5. Rc says:

    I am a woman and I completely agree with Cat about UBAG as in1. Are you believing what you say? Why would you set yourself up to let us believe you are dumb especially early in a relationship?

  6. Daniel says:

    This was a really good talk. How is Badass done working on your inner game?

  7. Mike says:

    I just missed this lecture!!!! can you email it to me again? thanks Adam

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