Sly, Sexy, Sensual and Seductive Text Secrets – With Michael Fiore

This presentation has ended.

Michael has put together a free presentation for you that reveals: How to Turn Even the “Coldest” Woman into a “Passion Addict” Just by Pushing a Few Buttons on Your Cell Phone. watch his presentation here.

Did you learn something crucial from this training session? Afraid you might miss “gems” in the coming sessions? We have made it easy to download ALL the sessions (and we’ve added transcripts for easy reading and review) as part of the Lifetime Premium Access Package – which you can grab HERE.

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  1. Robert says:

    I gave this stuff a whirl a few minutes ago, and my woman & I have spice planned for tonight!

  2. Ari says:

    The “3 magic texts” is mainly for couples and those already in relationship. I received a wing girl opinion on that. I used them with a girl I know and she was made uncomfortable by it. Don’t believe just because something is “1000 times tested” that it works specifically in your case.

  3. moca says:

    I agree with Ari, and also when I saw the word ¨magic¨ used , … I shudder.

  4. jorge says:

    What are the three magic texts? Where is the link to that?

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