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Dear Lover,

I say “dear lover” because you are a lover.

The truth is that being a lover — this is who we all are, in our core.

You, me. All men. All Women.

What I mean is that even though men don’t say it the same way you do, who doesn’t want to be loved?

We all do.

And we all also want to share the love that we have inside.  We want to give love more than we get to during our nutty, busy lives between work and keeping up with bills and staying fit and making sure on Facebook that none of our high school friends is having a better life than we are.

We want to meet the RIGHT person and we want sparks to fly.

Sounds simple, right?

But then why does finding love have to be so hard?

Truth is, finding love does NOT have to be difficult at all!

We make it difficult, through our unconscious self-sabotage…and lack of knowledge about what to do.

For example – I’m constantly getting questions like this:


  • How assertive should I be as a woman?

  • Where are the good men hiding?

  • How does the internet change everything and how should I behave there?

  • How much should I reveal on the phone before we meet or does that ruin the intrigue?

  • How can I balance my self-respect as a smart, successful woman, and being the feminine “harbor” that men find so important to return to at the end of the day?

  • Why are nearly 20% of marriages now starting online?  How are the newest social-dating sites like changing things?

  • What do men actually want?   What brings them to commitment?

  • How has the economy changed men’s expectations of me?

  • And most of all what are the best ways for you to meet and spark something magnificent, happy, wildly sexy and enduring?

What Do You Need To Know About Dating as We Dive Into the Summer of 2012?

You’re about to get answers to all of these questions — and a whole lot more.

In fact, you’re about to get more ideas on how to create the dating and romantic life you’ve been dreaming of than you knew were even out there.

Perhaps best of all, you’re going to discover exactly how you currently BLOCK yourself from finding love…and how your lack of knowledge about what to do or say limits your options immensely.

Because, as you’ve probably already seen a sample of, I’ve gathered some of the most respected dating and attraction experts in the world for frank, detailed and fun “training calls” for you – from online to offline dating, to texting and setting high intention and standards, to getting inside the “secret psychology” of the insanely adorable gender you’ve been trying so hard to figure out.

This is a series designed to transform you into a better, more skilled and effective navigator of the seas of romance. Cutting-edge, never-before-revealed info that will give you a whole new set of advantages — so that you you can find and create the intimacy you truly desire.

Everything you need to know is right here.

Online tips.  How to spark it up in the supermarket, at a wine bar, after work, at a party.  How to bring out your sexiest inner truth and beauty.  Conversational starters and deepeners.  How to eliminate shame and shyness.  How to let the past go.  How to filter for the right man for you and how to filter out the howlers – quickly! – so you can focus on your own happiness and on the high-quality kinds of men who can genuinely bring you happiness and cherishment.

Here’s How You Can Accelerate Your Dating Success…

… And Not Miss A Single Detail!

The experts are here for you. The last of the recordings are being done now.

Their ideas and strategies for making the most of your romantic life are ready for the taking.

Their practices to help you hone yourself – body, mind and spirit – so that you can attract the highest quality partners are right here for you.

All that you need is make sure that YOU are here for you!

You’re worth it.  Love is worth it.  Intimacy is worth it.  Connecting with the man of your dreams is worth it.
Every day for the next two weeks, you will have the opportunity to listen in to the amazing and inspiring teaches below.  Among other things, you will learn…


  • The “secret psychology” of the successful man’s “code” – and how to send subtle “signals” that you’re a high-quality woman, deserving of praise, love and adoration

  • How to “Cleanse” yourself of past relationship “baggage” to prepare for deep and real love

  • How to pre-create and visualize your deep relationship – so you’ll recognize it when it arrives (you’ll be shocked when begin to see and notice men who are just like what you’ve been imagining!)

  • New scientific understandings about your body, your cravings, and your metabolism, and how to use the wisdom of PLEASURE to lose weight forever

  • The RED FLAGS to watch out for in men’s online dating profiles (just one of these could spell disaster in that first meeting)…

  • How to attract men by shared “character” rather than by “characteristics” (this is often the #1 reason why women choose the wrong man and experience pain in relationship!)

  • How to approach a man you admire and initiate the dance, while allowing him to take the lead (do this right, and he’ll still sweep you off your feet)

  • The #1 obstacle holding women back from expressing the love men truly desire (little known fact: you must be feeling and expressing love BEFORE you can fully attract it!)

  • How to create the “docking station of love” that men crave

  • The #1 way other women are KILLING romance — and how to avoid it!

  • How to never have to count calories again, eat delicious/savory foods – and look fantastic!

  • How to go from “romantic rut” to getting engaged – to an amazing man who’s so crazy about you, all your friends can barely contain their envy!

  • How to quickly flip the “inner switch” that helps you manifest more excitement, passion and love in a year than most women experience in a lifetime.

And of course, so much more.

If there is a SINGLE UNLIT CORNER of your romantic life that you know could use some new illumination, you’re in for a treat!

Every single interview in this exclusive series helps you dive deeper into everything you need to bring your most vibrant, sexy, radiant, happy confident self to the dating scene – and draw the best and highest quality men into your life… and your arms.
Each of these sessions are available for you to listen to – anytime you want – for life!

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Explore Every Possible Answer to ANY Possible Problem, With the Most Impressive Gathering of Dating and Relationship Experts Ever

What makes this so powerful?

Well, on their own, each of these interviews would be worth their weight in gold. And that’s because I personally push each and every expert to reveal things they’ve never shared before.

Not even in their private workshops they charge thousands of dollars for!

Still, that’s just beginning…

Because when you combine all these experts and the topics they cover in one place, the synergy is unreal.

Literally every dating challenge…every possible tip, insight and strategy is covered. You get it all.

This is advice you’d normally pay hundreds, even thousands for.

I firmly believe that every single interview is worth the $147 price we’re asking, but all together, significantly more. You’ll see why as you meet your teachers…

The “Ignite The Spark” Faculty, 2012

Americas Leading Matchmaker

Julie Ferman
We launch with a joint call for men and women together with Julie Ferman, who is one of America’s leading matchmakers – and certainly one of the most enthusiastic and wise ones.  Julie will give you the low-down on how both men sabotage themselves without knowing it, why people choose “wrong” and how men’s and women’s expectations of each other have changed in the last 5-10 years. This is your chance at an “inside view” of the whole process of how to meet, excite and enjoy great women.

How To Be A Man Magnet & Create Bodice-Ripping Romance!

Lauren Frances
Lauren Frances, the internationally acclaimed love coach, author & seminar leader, is the real “go-to” secret of many of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. Her work has been featured on BRAVO, EXTRA, NBC, FOX, OXYGEN and VH1 — and her unbridled passion for helping people truly fall in love in a deep, honest and “bodice-ripping” way makes every minute you spend with her a revelation and inspiration. With her, we will learn how to master the “Scarlett O’Hara moment” of ultimate flirtation and attraction, how to inspire men to approach you in 30 seconds and how to get a man to “need” your love – so that they can finally feel complete – and thank you for for it!

Catch Him, Keep Him, And Enjoy Him

Christian Carter
For most of this last decade, Christian Carter has been a leading light on dating advice for women.  With his deeply sourced compassion for women (and the men you love) and the breadth of his psychological understanding, Christian has become one of the most trusted voices we have on how to bring a man to his best self – and into commitment.  You have probably seen him on the internet (he seems to be everywhere) and on television – and now you can drop in on our conversation on what he has learned and what the top 5 changes he has found you are best advised to make in order to bring not just any man – but a devotional man – into your life

Automatic Attraction and “Magic” Words

Otto & Susan Collins
Otto and Susan Collins have built a worldwide coaching practice because they are both no-nonsense and compassionate – and because they have also figured out fiendishly simple ways to create “automatic attraction” when you want it and crystal-clear communication when you need to navigate rough spots (which is inevitable in any relationship. In their session, Otto and Susan will show you how to how to create “automatic” attraction, how and why it is crucial to be bold in the beginning (for both men and women), why boundaries are essential and how to set them and will run you through some of their “magic” relationship words – to make life easy and happy for you. Because who doesn’t want life to be easy and happy?

Secrets of Romantic Texting

Michael Fiore
Michael Fiore has been a rocket on the dating and relationship landscape, becoming a fixture on the Amazon best-seller lists and appearing on Rachel Ray and in magazines across America. And there’s a good reason for it – Michael is a crackerjack writer and his programs on how to use texting and language to “heat up” the romance with your man as well as to bring out his “secret” self that he may have a hard time expressing himself is gold to women across the world. In this training session, Michael will share with you many of his best techniques – all of which can get a man “begging for you on his knees and thanking you for it.” Curious?

How To Shine Your Light

Rose Cole
Rose Cole, author and expert in natural health and wellness, has swiftly become a leading light in the world of practical mind-body wisdom.  Grounded in a profound love for health,  compassion and profound honesty and exploration, Rose will lead you tonight through practical ways to “un-dull” your light if it has dulled through anxiety, frustration, overwork or just bad food, how to cleanse both your body and your mind to prepare for deep and real love and how to bring out your natural radiance in everything you say and do.

How To Prepare For Mr. Right

Jonathon Aslay
The famous “guy-spy” of dating, Jonathan has spent thousands of hours interviewing both men and women and has invested his copious heart, brains and  humor in building bridges so that you can achieve the kind of communication and love you actually want.  In this session he will give you specific strategies on how to operate from clarity, what the essential “5 C’s for successful attraction” are, what the proven “10 Date Rule” is  – and why you can’t skip any, and how to frame every moment into your man’s heroic journey – as well as your own.

How To Start It All With Pleasure – and End in Ecstasy

Jena La Flamme
Recently featured on the Discovery Health Channel.  Jena La Flamme is a noted leader of the “Pleasure” movement for women.   A fierce critic of lifestyle and eating choices that begin in shame and suffering, Jena offers you a powerful and exciting new way to break out of old habits, how to use the “wisdom of pleasure” to lose weight forever and gain love, how to live your life as an empowered woman with a pleasure-filled existence without being held back by the judgments and jealousies of other people.  And why nothing is sexier to men!

How To Identify and Spark The RIGHT Man Online

Adam Gilad
Adam Gilad has been quoted on television as saying “I’ve written enough Lifetime movies, I can ovulate on command.”  An expert in language and communications, Adam will show you, step-by-step how to talk to men online in the language that they can actually hear you – which may surprise you.  He will show you the 13 specific “victories” online men look for, the “red flags” in mens’ profiles that should be warning shots to you, and why women write about exactly the wrong things in their profile which is why you are missing out on the best, and most high-character men

What Men Want: An Insider’s Guide

Carol Allen
Have you ever wanted to sit in and hear what men REALLY say about what they want  - and what they definitely don’t want – when it comes to meeting, dating and opening their hearts to women?  Carol Allen, author of “Love is in the Stars”  has done your “dirty work” – getting the low-down from a group of leading male dating experts.  In this session, she will share with you the gems she pulled out of them, including,   how to approach a man you admire and like and initiate the dance – while allowing him to take the lead;  what exactly moves a man to go from “interest” to falling in love; what are the biggest turn-offs “men of choice” experience  - and how to avoid them and what you HAVE to know to inspire a man to fall to his knees and BEG you to be with him forever.

Inside “The Man Code” – And Into Love

David Wygant
David Wygant, the original “Hitch” will let you inside the man code tonight, letting you inside his 15 years of experience as a leading dating coach, showing you the #1 obstacle holding women back from expressing the love men truly desire; how to bring out the best in any man, whether you should write a man directly online and what are the biggest mistakes women make that kill romance before it even has a chance to take off.  David knows men and women are dying to love each other – and shows you how to strip away the obstacles preventing this.

Finally: Find Mr. Right and Get Him To Marry You

Annie Lalla
There is only one “ambassador of love” and Annie Lalla is it.  Her high-spirited and deeply poetic understanding of how we can free ourselves to love more deeply and more passionately will open up whole  new pathways for you.  In this training session, she will show you how to create the “docking station of love” men crave, how to become an “antenna” of micro-pleasure, how to raise your esteem and radiance with her patented “instant movie star” technique, and how to trade average for “extraordinary”now and forever.   We’re glad love is sending ambassadors, because it is a beautiful, neglected country, and Annie will take you there – so you can make yourself a home.

Your “Project Irresistible” Starts Tonight!

Dr. Ali Binazir
Dr. Ali, the leading light of how do date as a “smart women” brings his astonishing background as a medical doctor, hypnotherapist and taoist expert to you in this session as he shows you how to become irresistible by being a unanticipated “agent of love,” how to filter for happiness and tossing, once and for all “over-thought criteria and checklists” which are just getting in your way – and he will also give you the results of his 10,000 man poll on what they want and what sends them running for the hills. Even if there are no hills.  Do not miss!

Your Three “Selves” and Your Irresistibility

Tara Marino
Can you imagine rising from the greatest grief imaginable to become a global leader in helping women embrace their happiness, their sensual core and choosing love as a way of BEING? Well, Tara Marino is that person, and as she will show you, no matter what has happened in the past, your pleasure is not to be considered a luxury but your natural way of living. She will also show you how this choice will turn your romantic life from average to sizzling, because, as she teaches, when you take the 3 steps she offers in this training session, you will become an irresistible magnet to the best and most whole men available.

Get a Vibrant Body!  And a Vibrant Spirit!

Andrea Albright
Andrea Albright is a whirling tornado of inspiration, information and health and vitality knowledge that will change the way you eat, live and love.   Author of several books on health and fitness, Andrea will show you how to once-and-for-all eliminate shame from your vocabulary and life (which stops body chaos caused by stress hormones), how to turn off that nasty belly-fat switch, how to focus on “gaining health” rather than ”losing weight,” and how to bring your most vibrant self to the world every morning and every night.  Deeply informative and deeply inspiring, Andrea opens a doorway on a whole new way of living brightly.

Script Yourself Into Romance – Secrets To Getting What You Want With Men

Marni Battista
What if you had a template-script to get you what you wanted from men? In her training session, she will show you how to avoide falling into the “hamster wheel” of dating patterns, how to use her signature “scripts” to help him express his true feelings, how to awaken the hero in the best men you meet and how to balance your necessary and masculine. Through everything, her goal is singular: how to get you out of romantic rut and 100% engaged to the man you deserve.
Marni is an endless well of great advice and practical wisdom. If you’ve found yourself frustrated in your dating or relationship life, be sure not to miss this session!

How To Avoid Picking The Wrong Man (Again!)

Larry Michel
Larry Michel, creator of Match Matrix, has devoted his life to helping people avoid the common sinkhole of choosing the wrong partner – then paddling upstream forever trying to make it work.  Larry, in his session, will show you how to avoid the “drunkenness” or “drug addiction” of chemistry that sends you careening into the WRONG relationship again – and exactly how to filter men – right from the start – so that you choose right. And you build a life together with the right man happily thereafter.

Live Life Lusciously: Be the CEO of Your Sensual Self

Deborah Kagan
The author of “Rock Your Mojo,” Deborah weaves together expertise in yoga, eastern philosophies and holistic western strategies to help you bring out your most delicious, attractive and irresistible feminine – and tonight, she is on a mission to help you bring out your most ecstatic self.  She will show you how to love fully and passionately without “losing yourself” ever again; your #1 Source of Sensual Power – where it lives in your body, how to access it and know it’s available to you 24/7, why “living below the neck” is the ultimate key to harnessing your energy for more creativity, love, and vitality and how to utilize your ‘masculine energy’ to be a fully sensual woman ( and truly excite the best, most integrated men)

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Exclusive Webinar: The 5 Obstacles To Commitment For Men [And How To Gracefully Dissolve Them]
($47 Value)

We often don’t act on what we know is good for us – Coca Cola and the potato chip industry prove that.

So it is that men often don’t SEEK commitment, though all studies show that men in committed love relationships are happier, more successful and live longer.

Just because men don’t seek commitment, doesn’t mean they don’t like or want commitment.  What they do want, is to be invited into it – Godfather-style.  As a woman, you need to “make them an offer they can’t refuse.”

It’s easier than it may sound at first…

And in this Webinar I will lay out for you the 5 obstacles you will run into when desiring a man to commit to you – and how you can “end run” these challenges and make it easy for a man to see how much happier, richer, more sensual and fulfilling his life can be with you.

Among the things you will learn are:

  • What are the 3 things men “consciously” seek in dating?

  • The 2 top unconscious desires men have – and how to wake them up

  • The three stages-to-commitment men must journey through before they “put a ring on it”

  • Exactly how the “commitment decision process” happens in a man’s mind

  • What are the roots of a man’s commitment fear?

  • Why do men secretly desire a committed relationship (even if they never call?)

Bonus #1:How To Be a Man Magnet – With Lauren Frances ($97 Value)

On this special bonus call, the ever-inventive, ever-ebullient Lauren Frances gives you a few ESSENTIAL TIPS on how to catch the attention of the right man, how to inspire the chase and get him to be intrigued by you within 30 seconds. It was too good to miss and we couldn’t fit it in during her session, so I wanted you to have it here.

More Bonuses Will Be Added Through Out The Event!

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